About Sampada Chavan

With a PhD in English and several years’ experience of teaching the subject, I am modest enough to tell you that I don’t know enough about the expansive entity that is “literature.” But I hope I never stop being a student, and this blog will keep a record of my unending love-affair with books.

Random Tidbit I think the term “Grammar Nazi” is stupid and offensive. If you have perfect grammar/language skills, kudos to you. If you don’t, I’m sorry, but I’m not going to go around correcting everyone. My grammar skills are good enough, but I make mistakes just like any other normal human being.

Quirks 1) Sometimes I buy books just because the title is fascinating; 2) I smell the pages of my books at least once whilst reading them; 3) I have a collection of bookmarks that can be found tucked away in books throughout my house.

Drop me a line here to suggest books to read, with questions, rants, or to correct my grammar privately.


One Response to About Sampada Chavan

  1. Clyde McNeil says:

    Sampada, I just finished my Masters from UH and saw your dissertation topic in the program.. Fascinating subject.. Please let me know where if this is accessible to those onterested in the subject

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