Last post for 2013

When 2013 began, I had told myself that I would try to read at least 12 books by the end of the year. That may be a very unambitious number for some, but I am a slow reader, and to me that’s a good goal. I was doing well for the first quarter of the year and then my life got too busy to pay attention to fun reading. I taught more classes than I had ever taught before, and my schedule didn’t spare me any time to read anything other than classwork and essays. Going to bed around 9:30/10:00 pm to wake up at 6:00 am, also meant that I didn’t do my “before sleeping” reading either.

I did read a lot though – just not 12 full-length novels, so I’m prepared to cut myself some slack. I managed to finish reading A Game of ImageThrones that I had started some time in October. Reading the book was an interesting exercise. I have followed the HBO series and there’s very little suspense for me, but the book was quite well written and enjoyable (of course!). Certain characters that I liked in the TV series (Tyrion, Daenerys), I liked more in the books; whereas others I didn’t like in the series (Jon Snow), I appreciated much more in the book. Nothing beats the nuances of a book, and yet, having seen the series and knowing how it all ends, I found myself rushing through certain parts of the book just to get to the juicy bits. While I loved reading most of the storylines in general, the details about wars and strategies were boring for me. I will definitely try to read all the books, but it’ll be a while till I pick book two. I’m just proud that I read something that’s so different from anything else I usually read.

I also read Angel Street (known as Gaslight in UK), a play I had heard about since undergraduate days. While I was more curious about the psychological aspect of the play, i.e. “gaslighting,” the story turned out to be more of a detective-thriller than a close look into the mind-games the villain-husband plays on his hapless wife. Regardless, getting a rare book (from the Houston Public Libraries) was in itself a memorable experience.

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