Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl

Marriage is beautiful. It is the most romantic thing two people can experience, together. Marriage is a wonderful thing… Or is it? In Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn explores one such marriage. Seemingly perfect. A union of two quirky, intelligent, and articulate people. But things are not as great as both of them make it out to be. Under the guise, lie many dark secrets. And on their fifth wedding anniversary, Amy goes missing. Out of the blue. Nick is shocked, but his reactions are not cookie cutter. As the media and his small town swoop down on this tragedy, Nick reacts in ways that makes him seem suspicious. Is Nick responsible for his wife’s disappearance? Is he lying? Or is he an unreliable narrator? What do we make of Amy’s diary entries? You rush through the chapters and the questions that come to your head force you to keep turning the pages. I am a slow reader, but I tore through the 400-odd pages of the book in under four days. 

Reading this book was a different kind of experience for me. I rarely read murder mysteries. I also rarely read books that have been recently published. And these two reasons were exactly why I enjoyed reading the book. It is fast-paced, thrilling, and very current. I guess I went in with a preconceived notion when I picked up the book. I thought it to be a typical hardcover mystery novel. Thrilling plot, average writing, shallow characters that were simultaneously over-the-top. But Gillian Flynn is not average by any means. Her writing is extremely nuanced and she has a deep and strong understanding of her protagonists Nick and Amy. The central characters themselves will take your breath away (interpret that as you may!). And Flynn will take you for a roller-coaster ride. Without giving too much away, all I’d like to say is, the narrative will deceive you, at numerous points. And you’ll be helpless in its wake. And in spite of that, this is a book to read. I rarely recommend books with such enthusiasm. This one has my vote!

PS: I really, really have a bad feeling about the movie version that’s in the making. I hope I am wrong.
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5 Responses to Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl

  1. Sonal says:

    I hate watching movies made out of books… they rarely live up! I have never been pleasantly surprised, except maybe recently with Life of Pi.

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