Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone

Rather than a conventional review, here is a sampling of some of the most interesting lines from my latest read:

“[S]even tests for six courses meant forty-two tests per semester, mathematically speaking.” Early on in the book Bhagat needs to explain, with the help of “technical” language, that his character is surely an engineering student.

“When we returned to Kumaon at midnight, our asses were set on fire, I mean not literally.” No, not literally? Because if they were, this would probably have been a more interesting read.

“Maybe I was seeing a female after a long time or something, but I thought she was really pretty.” Redundant! If you’re calling her a “female,” you don’t need to mention the fact that you’re seeing one after a long time.

“‘Alok, my son, look what happens when you are not here,’ she said in a pathetic voice that would make even Hitler cry.” Finally! Half a century after the holocaust, Bhagat found a way we could have avoided it!

“Calling an IIT-ian a commerce student was one of the worst insults the profs could accord us, like a prostitute calling her client a eunuch.” That’s one haughty prostitute who’s not interested in earning an honest buck, eh?

“Another F-word; Alok was still upset I guess.” Nicely deduced, Sherlock!

“Neha still looked beautiful as hell, but I didn’t feel like talking to her.” And if you told her you compared her beauty to hell, she probably wouldn’t want to talk to you either.

For these and more such exciting lines, go grab a copy of Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone... or better still, don’t. Go watch 3 Idiots.

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