Reader on Vacation

I think the general assumption of a person on vacation is with a tall, cool drink, and a thick paperback. But if you’re taking an extended break from work and studies at home, reading takes a back seat, and lazing around is at the top of your agenda. To say I am too tired to even read would be plain loathsome, but I’ll still go ahead and say it. I am home to take a quick break from my studies, refocus and get back to work while I am here. On the flight, I hoped to read Stieg Larsson’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, but couldn’t get farther than 20 pages. If anyone has read it, please drop a line to tell me whether it’s something I should pursue or give up.

After a few failed attempts at reading other books, I finally settled down for a quick, easy read. Arthur Hailey’s Hotel, and I got just what I was looking for – a pulpy, fast-action novel, which was well-written, yet simple to read. I read his Airport a long time ago, and enjoyed it for the same reasons. Now that I have enjoyed some frivolity, I think it’s time to hit the serious books. However, I might want to come back to casual reading again. I’d appreciate it if you left suggestions about the funnest, quickest reads you have had in the recent past.

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2 Responses to Reader on Vacation

  1. Hari Menon says:

    I just finished “The Travels of Ibn Battutah” (translated by Tim Mackintosh-Smith). It’s more odd-funny than haha-funny and it’s by no means quick, but I rather enjoyed it. Currently on “The Granta Book of India”, which is proving to be an engaging anthology of fiction and reportage. Coincidentally, your old nemesis Suketu Mehta is in there too. 🙂 Then I also enjoyed “The Cat’s Pajamas”, a collection of stories by Ray Bradbury. That’s about it for the past month. Waiting in the wings is “Eat Pray Love” but I doubt I’d get very far with that. By the way, I saw the Stieg Larsson trilogy at the local library but didn’t pick it up.

    • sampada says:

      Thanks for the interesting book info. I’m surprised you’d even go near Eat, Pray, Love. I’d really want you to read it and see how you reacted to it. (Secretly hoping it would really annoy you, because you are hilarious when you’re angry!). I’m currently re-reading Githa Hariharan’s The Thousand Faces of the Night for my studies.

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