The White Hotel by D. M. Thomas

As a  full-time student of literature, I am supposed to read several books a week. Most of the time, I read them out of sheer
compulsion. I peruse through them, taking in the gist and moving on. Books, like clothes, are changed ever so often, so my attention span lasts for around a week. That’s why, if a book grabs me by the collar, shakes me out of my readers-zombie-like-state, I can confidently say, it’s a book worthy of being reviewed.

The White Hotel is the kind of book I hunt for – multi-layered, non-linear and oh-so-complicated. Although every once in a while, I enjoy getting what a book gives, with no trouble; but mostly I love to be teased. It’s like a foreplay between the writer and the reader, before you get to the climax actual act of enjoying what the book has to offer.  The White Hotel plays with your senses, your imagination, your understanding of the world and yourself. Revolving around literary world’s favorite  theorist  – Sigmund Freud – this book will be a treat for anyone who finds psychoanalysis fascinating. This is a thinking person’s book, and it will twist your way of thinking. I love the way D. M. Thomas turns the narrative upside down and then throws it out in the open, leaving your to grab the pieces and put the puzzle together. He takes your by your reins and doesn’t let go till the end of the book. If only reading every book was such an adventure, students of literature would die happy!

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