It’s short for Pixar

Although I’m not a fan of cartoons, I love watching animated movies. I’ve watched Monsters, Inc. over and over again, and it gives every time, like a good book. Everyone has their animated-movie-favorite – may it be Finding Nemo, Shrek, The Incredibles, Cars, so on. But I especially like watching a Disney/Pixar movie because of the animated shorts that they show before the movie. I didn’t notice the short when I saw The Incredibles which opened with Boundin’, which wasn’t quite engrossing. However, I did notice One Man Band shown before Cars. The short was simply fantastic. So I came home, and checked out more of Pixar’s shorts.

Although Pixar is miserly about sharing their shorts with the general public, YouTube uploaders have found devious ways to share the films. I would’ve loved to show you One Man Band, but it isn’t available. But the Academy Award winning Geri’s Game is:

Their latest offering is Lifted, which was shown before the new release Ratatouille. In my humble opinion the animated short was better than the full length feature. Let’s wait and see if someone uploads it on the Tube.

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