Vikram Seth’s A Suitable Boy

Pick this book up on a rainy, lethargic day when you have nothing better to do and see yourself being hooked to it when you’re eating, wanting to sleep and doing anything else. I was a fan of Seth’s poetry up until now; but now I can boldly say that I’ve even read his fiction. Seth’s easy, lyrical style of writing is so attractive that you cannot help but smile, cry and feel your emotions surging with the lives of the characters in the book.

It is not easy to review a book of this volume. I might end up writing a 10 page essay (now, that’s a good thought!). But there are some things that I would like to say with regard to this book.

Seth’s language is beautiful, to put it simply. I can feel its affect on my own thoughts and usage of words. I am tempted to rhyme my thoughts in couplets while saying the most mundane things. Seth seems to be a poet at heart, even while writing a 1400 page epic, he cannot help but include as much poetry in it as possible.

The characters in this book will leave a large impact on you. You will love many of them. What I loved most about the book was there every character was human; I could fully understand their actions and emotions. I was surprised when I found myself crying at the death of a minor character, simply because of the fact that she had been with me for 1000 pages.

The book has left me a little sapped. Everything I read afterwards is going to be judged.

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