Lights, Camera, Action!

Long ago…even before you were born (virtually speaking) I began blogging. My first blogging steps were right here, on blogger. But one thing lead to another, and I deleted my blog. Then some idiot took over my url; and I regretted it. But as the pendulum of my mood swings, I wish to be back. I wish to be able to write again, at a place where no one (or not many) will read my words. Like an invisible friend; or a secret hiding place.

So get ready. Some movie and book reviews are on your way.

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3 Responses to Lights, Camera, Action!

  1. Mitostargazer says:

    Man! you are literally a true-blue blogger. 2006??? 😮
    when did you started blogging first? and where do you live right now?

    PS: pls add archives in your blog too, i had to peruse 8-9 pages before i reached here 😀

    • Sampada says:

      I’ve actually been blogging since 2002 – blogspot, Livejournal, and then here. So, yes, I’m ancient 🙂

      • Mitostargazer says:

        Being with an ancient is my honour 🙂
        I too started this feb with blogspot. but now my blog has grown, so i can’t switch my main blog over to wordpress even though i badly want to 😦

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